Clouds in the water

#weather #water #reflections #poetry Salford, 15th May 2017 You could almost mistake them for the real thing confused Canada geese try to eat them as an appetiser before lunch they seem to float gently on the waters edge easy pickings for our feathered friends Bubbles arise from deep below but clever fish they do not … Continue reading Clouds in the water

Snow 🌨

Salford 28th February 2017 So, here it goes new Year and January have left the party old father times moving on to spring winter ❄️ you would think 💭 is getting ready to take a nap 😴 somebody didnt read the script at the pole northern winds have delivered something, covering over the terracotta tiles … Continue reading Snow 🌨

A Fine parade

#park #garden #family #adults #children #rain #language #weather #acrostic borrowed from my pages on Some of the language, applied by the adults could not be readily repeated in front of the young enfants but when you’re promised sunshine and its lashing down buckets of H20 on everyone’s heads – picnic ruined understandably – its … Continue reading A Fine parade

Red Orange

#Coloryourworld #CYW #Redorange   As the sun fell past the horizon the summer sky turned fizzy the blues turned tan as the summer sun went on its way to the other side of the earth from blue to orange and white to red saying goodbye for tonight, as the moon appeared in its goodbye glow Continue reading Red Orange


Calm Crowds sit in seaside hotels All in a state – the beach is closed because of winds Local kids cant fly their kites, say the lifeguards Making the kids unhappy   Cause of the distress ? All due to tomorrows weather forecast, Look up to the air, at the clear blue sky Maybe they’ve got it wrong – … Continue reading Calm

Storm II

Storm Something, they say, is brewing The clouds of cirrus are circling, and getting bigger in the wind Over the heads of everyone , whether on land or sea Rain isn’t forecast for today – but tomorrow ?  they’re saying torrential. Maybe its best, if we just lay anchor – and Batten down the hatches. Continue reading Storm II