Outer Layers

Outer Layers Salford 19th August 2017 They say clothes make the man / woman well, whoever wrote that obviously lives somewhere nearer to the equator than i do. They've also never experienced the phenomenon that is Horizontal Rain. If its sunbathing weather - then obviously i'll be in shirt sleeves and a pair of shorts... Continue Reading →


Well worn Blanket

Salford 16th May 2017 Blanket Back in Nineteen eighty two - i started taking this long woolly blanket to camp Like many other scouts i stuck it at the end of my tents sleeping bag, and As it got cold, i wrapped it round me to keep warm Now, each camp i went to -... Continue Reading →


Yellow A Zesty colour sign of the start of spring and summer daffodils and daisies explode with colour and marigolds make hay in the morning sun Lemon sponge sits in the oven cooking slowly for a farmhouse lunch - Vanilla custard softly turning in a copper pan as breakfast is served - a soft boiled egg with... Continue Reading →

Nose in a book..and a cake…

Sunday, 4th December 2016 Mother Nature is keeping her cards close to her chest today, perfect blue 🌌 with not a ☁️ in the sky. but there's a definite nip in the air...little Jack Frost is up and about, and he's painted every fallen leaf 🍃 in sight Antidote to the cold ?  A cup... Continue Reading →


Toast A piece of.... written by brian f Kirkham 16/05/2010   TOAST! Cooked by the heat of a thousand suns the silver toaster's red hot grill gently warms the Soft White Bread until golden brown yellow butter melts as the cook heads forth - for Imminent arrival of the strawberry Jam

Hot Chocolate

In response to the prompt Pick Your Potion Brown Gold. That's what it is, hot steaming liquid gold. A perfect thing on a cold, frosty winters morning A cup of warming hot chocolate. It waft's the aroma of something pleasing on a frosty day and warms up the fingers in the surroundings of a motorway... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Dreams

Chocolate Dreams In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Pick Your Potion." I really enjoy a Hot Chocolate at the end of the day. Particularly on winter days like today. I love it when the hot cocoa melts into the milk releasing the lovely smell of dark milk or white chocolate into the air. It's... Continue Reading →


A set of three-liners to do with the summer season, enjoy Ra has awoken sending his blessings to his worshippers, below Patchy blue skies Cannot stop arrival of Bright Blue Bermudas As Mercury rises coolness of oceans provides a delightful breeze And Ice-cream men across the land smile at empty serving pots The Heatwaves delightful... Continue Reading →

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