Back of a Leaf

 #C&BW A Simple leaf , on the tarmac and gravel of the car park of #BASIC, the brain and spinal injury centre in Salford. Fallen by the wind, or the passing of time with the coming of autumn, this humble leaf gave me another chance to create something special. Been messing around with the monochrome … Continue reading Back of a Leaf



Leaf Lonely on the bare branch expecting to fall at any moment autumn's arrival - taken its brothers and sisters fallen and gathered on the grass below

Structure III

Structure Old decayed leaf melts into the moss on the car park tarmac as it disappears into memory but look at its veins and bones as it fades into the mud and you'll see a remembrance of the mighty tree it once was part of.


Blossom hanging off the arms of the tree a sign of things to come pink and white blooms send a message to all who walk around it cheering as the children play the apples 🍎 are coming on their way!


Roots 24th august 2017 they say everybody has roots. those tiny little things that define history traces of who you are, set in your DNA. back when I was studying at university for my HND, I got the opportunity to research my family tree looking back through birth draw up a computer program connecting … Continue reading Traces


Hidden In the green of the park Never miss a moment Vast numbers of creatures live In every nook and cranny across the field of grass Some, sleep in the wood - whilst others live In the ground, pushing up the grass you play on Birds nest hide away - but you have to Look … Continue reading Hidden


Salford 25th July 2017 A tale of Amber, the natural substance that comes from a tree, and is used in jewellery (posted on - Coming from a tree sap, slow, and sticky it likes to collect things as it goes Capturing the residents that live off the bark holding them all - freeze frame … Continue reading Amber