Hard to see through

Opaque On the whole - its hard to see through glass like this Perhaps , that's why, instead of windows - it's used to produce Antiques of the future - vases and chargers and such Quaint - in the way the colours scatter through it Unlike the light , captured by the spectrum of colour... Continue Reading →


Darn that table!

Uneven The kitchen fairy has been at it again pinching a footpad or two from the kitchen table you notice their action as little veg strive to become escape-peas   The family pooch is drooling as table slips and slides and silver surfaced platters around the table ride   Turkey ready for serving in oven it awaits... Continue Reading →


#CYW #Coloryourworld #Mahogany Taken from a far away jungle and crafted , moulded and varnished in a carpenters shop bought to order by the lady of the house so fellow lords and ladies can sit around the finest mahogany and enjoy a well prepared feast


Bespoke Born from a humble oak or beech Everybody wants this latest crafted item Superbly fashioned by a master craftsman - Perfect for Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch and Tea Overall, the quality is second to none Kept fresh by the finest oils and polishes Everyone who wants it - are in a hurry to have it

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