Hard to see through



On the whole – its hard to see through glass like this

Perhaps , that’s why, instead of windows – it’s used to produce

Antiques of the future – vases and chargers and such

Quaint – in the way the colours scatter through it

Unlike the light , captured by the spectrum of colour

Enjoyed by everyone who sees it – sat on the mantlepiece


Darn that table!


The kitchen fairy has been at it again

pinching a footpad or two from the kitchen table

you notice their action

as little veg strive to become escape-peas


The family pooch is drooling

as table slips and slides

and silver surfaced platters

around the table ride


Turkey ready for serving

in oven it awaits

as peas, parsnips and carrots

roll about on the plate


But light hits our family chef

and gets him off the hook

sliding underneath the feet

a perfectly weighted cookbook


So table will be fixed for pud,

with a couple of little pads of wood

and pooch for now will have to enjoy his ball

and not the turkey that was saved from a fall.





#CYW #Coloryourworld #Mahogany

Taken from a far away jungle

and crafted , moulded and varnished in a carpenters shop

bought to order by the lady of the house so fellow

lords and ladies can sit around the finest mahogany and

enjoy a well prepared feast



Born from a humble oak or beech

Everybody wants this latest crafted item

Superbly fashioned by a master craftsman –

Perfect for Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch and Tea

Overall, the quality is second to none

Kept fresh by the finest oils and polishes

Everyone who wants it – are in a hurry to have it