Message in a bottle – 2

Salford, 21st July 2017 Remember that piece I wrote about the message washed up in a bottle ?  I've given it a little thought and wrote what might have been on that rolled up paper!   Sat, as I am on this deserted isle I'm sending this message to make someone smile Being stuck on... Continue Reading →


Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon

Another tale poached from my repository at by me - Hope you Like it The sun set on the sand , that summers night, heading to brighten another place bright. It slowly went behind the sea and shimmered on waters, in front of me The sky changed colour from blue to red, and slowly... Continue Reading →

Storms a Passing

From the Archive at, thought i'd share this one - a poem on the rain!   The field needs a watering so nature gives a hand layering the clouds so they're above the land As sun heads off to the other side of the world the pockets of clouds are about to be unfurled... Continue Reading →

Light Reflection

Reflecting A response to the reflecting prompt, taken at Salford Quays recently Taken by me using my Sony DSC-H300 camera - using sunset mode and continuous frame. Had a while to wait for the sun to duck below the clouds, but i'm happy with the end result and the colours in the water and sky.... Continue Reading →


Fry Out in the Grecian sun whilst sausages are cooking in the chefs pan turning brown from pink the restaurants recipients are lying on sun loungers or sat on coral sand beach worshipping Ra above in a vain attempt to mimic their luncheon.

Olive tree

#coloryourworld #cyw #olive-green hanging delicately from your branches in a cast of thousands your colour casts Down on white chalky soil as you soak up the rays from the Mediterranean sun what you hold is prized up and down the land by the farmer, the chef and the food fan as you paint the town... Continue Reading →

Red Orange

#Coloryourworld #CYW #Redorange   As the sun fell past the horizon the summer sky turned fizzy the blues turned tan as the summer sun went on its way to the other side of the earth from blue to orange and white to red saying goodbye for tonight, as the moon appeared in its goodbye glow

Daily Prompt: Eclipse

  via Daily Prompt: Eclipse Eclipse The day the earth went dark the moon decided to be centre stage passing by the sun god and turning him into his little friend till the moon got bored and the sun it roared....


Bedtime The sun has popped over the other side of the globe As the moon watches on. Its time for little ones to head off to bed "I Wanna bedtime story!" says one little bear, "I'm not sleepy!" says another So, by the mouth of the cave - and snug as a bug I tell them... Continue Reading →

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