Random Access Memories

Memorize Memories are a funny thing even if your memory is reletively sound making the memory into something permanent requires an open mind and something to refer to remembering mum and dads birthday might be an easy one,  but if your mind slips, whilst you are Zedding away in the land of nod - its... Continue Reading →


Well worn Blanket

Salford 16th May 2017 Blanket Back in Nineteen eighty two - i started taking this long woolly blanket to camp Like many other scouts i stuck it at the end of my tents sleeping bag, and As it got cold, i wrapped it round me to keep warm Now, each camp i went to -... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a midnight eater

Trio No. 3 In the darkness of night a voice calls out from down the stairs as you drift and glide in a wide awake dream only to be found at six in th'morning meeting up with slices of chocolate cake at the fridge door.  

Good Companion

Been looking through my old notebooks again, and found a scribble in relation to the Orange One-Man Tent I was assigned during my time as a scouter with the 90th Salford.  The title of the poem relates to the name of the tent - which I slept in on campsites in Greater Manchester, Cheshire ,... Continue Reading →

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