Firing high, towards the stars is that pocket rocket, we know as stella rising from her ignition point, she leaves glittery entrails as she works her way through the darkened sky onlookers, smile as she paints the blackness with really bright stars kreativ ?  most definately


Storms a Passing

From the Archive at, thought i'd share this one - a poem on the rain!   The field needs a watering so nature gives a hand layering the clouds so they're above the land As sun heads off to the other side of the world the pockets of clouds are about to be unfurled... Continue Reading →

Light Reflection

Reflecting A response to the reflecting prompt, taken at Salford Quays recently Taken by me using my Sony DSC-H300 camera - using sunset mode and continuous frame. Had a while to wait for the sun to duck below the clouds, but i'm happy with the end result and the colours in the water and sky.... Continue Reading →


Harmony It starts with the wind gently rushing through the green leaves feathered maestros awaken in nests and trees no electronic devices needed here as chirping chums share news around the bird bath and as they fly into the morning blue the song begins to take shape a tale of a glorious blue sky moment... Continue Reading →

Deep Space (Darkness)

#coloryourworld #cyw #black #space During the night as the earth turns the sky turns black distant stars appear as mere pin-pricks in a velvet sky   whilst the other half is at work and play the half cast in midnight sleeps soundly away    


#coloryourworld #cyw #violet Very striking colour - is the violet it's not as if she shy's away among the other colours on the contrary, if she wasn't where she was, sitting by the rainbow, the others would let loose - and you wouldn't see them up in the sky expect to see her vibrancy in... Continue Reading →


#coloryourworld #cyw #blue Basically, a primary colour - in Light or in paint - you're Used to create a whole host of Exceptional colours   Best seen at the start of a day Lakes and skies bringing out your many shades Usually seen in waters on the Edge of a beach   Bringing out the... Continue Reading →

Midnight Blue

    Maybe its the colour of the night sky itself Its only when the sun goes to bed - does it appear Dozens , no thousands of stars peppering the dark blue Night after Night, showing planets and constellations Inky coloured skies, occasionally diffused by sodium lights below Great gods from Aries to Orion... Continue Reading →


#ceruleanblue #cerulean #cyw #coloryourworld could it be chance or fate every time I see this jewel of a colour reminisences of holidays come flooding back usually seen in the skies that met the sea local buildings , in white were accented with it each house with a roof door or wall in it a perfect... Continue Reading →

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