Every memory can be triggered

Veils of happy tears and wonderful times at an

Occasion such as a cousins wedding

Kept safe in the head until

Engaged by a sight , sound or even a smell


Paint the Day with Colour

in response to the daily post prompt blogging the senses

Paint the Day with Colour


Take up your brush
and paint the sky
a brilliant pastel blue.

Add in a warm yellow sun
and fluffy white clouds too,
add in a horizon – a building or two!

Colour your seas an aqua blue
and if you want , or if you wish
add some big silvery fish

On your shoreline add to reds
to the sandy rocks by the bed
Add a boat green that’s painted bright
and a lighthouse that’s painted white.

Not forgetting those men with the nets
wearing bright yellow – you cannot forget.
Shadows of seagulls, in the distance black,
as nets pull full nets to the harbour back.

Original Artwork by Author. I used the attached image for my inspiration for this challenge. I was once a crew member of the OYC vessel – “Greater Manchester Challenge” and the instruction to paint a visual picture inspired me to come up with this. Hope you enjoy the read.