Garden Apple Pie


A San-San By Brian F Kirkham (Inky)

The branches against the household wall

holds fruit that’s ripening for a pie

blackberry stems bring fruit with flavour this season

that answers to the pastries call

over with envy the birds do fly

could this be why it cooks with haste ?

depriving the feathered hunters a reason

to head for the window to grab a taste


The loaf

A San-San for the Daily post prompt



Born from the bakers creative mind

A Combination of skill, talent, water seed

King at breakfast time

Every body by the toaster will find

Round soft boiled eggs, to fill the need

If cereal’s a missing – and there’s no jam

Eaten before the school bell chime

Some fill in the space – a round of boiled ham

A Flowery San-San

In a porcelain pot

sits some stripy pink flowers

in a group – there’s a lot

passing the hours

positioned in centre of table at a meal

by the chef and his team who are more than able

to show off their wares and create a feel


18th May 2017

A San-San poem – Origins rooted on the Greek Island of Crete



On holiday by a grecian water

I saw a flying insect having some tea

it flew for the pollen from flower to flower

occasionally passing a grecian sun or daughter

it was happy to pass through the flowers this bee

till it was time to head for home

where it spend a passing hour

away from the sun making honeycomb.



#coloryourworld #cyw #manatee

Mammal that lives in the tropical seas

Aquatic in the way it moves and breathes

Natural resident of west Indian water

Animal that grazes sea floor as it please

two large flippers allow him to weave

enjoying the plants lying under his feet

Each a present perhaps from neptunes daughter

sumptuous food for an afternoon treat


Blue skies

#Coloryourworld #cyw #skyblue


Blue is the sky

the kite flies through

marshmallow pillows


and as it flies

rainbows brand new

travel through the air


passing over high white willows

colours of strawberry, orange, apple, banana and pear


A Colourful San-San

Salford, 22nd November

Another piece on Rainbows and art.



When white light bends

through northern skies

It always raises a smile


The colours never end

with this pleasant surprise

captured by the eye


So, pick up your brush and paint the scene

and let the colours, red through green, fly


img_0039Many hear the call of the night

as a furry old cat, presses paws to the floor

travelling the neighbourhood for prey

as the moon comes out of clouds, shining bright

Night-time, the right time to hunt out for more

with mice on the hunt for a midnight feast

watch out, little mouse! and quickly make way

for fear you become supper for this furry tailed beast.

Golden Syrup Cake


The oven contains my favourite pud

a golden cake of family renowned

served up for after the dinner to eat

with butter and sugar and sultanas that’s good

and often with custard accompanied I’ve found

falling cross syrup and into the bowl

creating a fusion – a real tasty treat

this favourite pudding – the best all around.