Particular Take a day, any day And a place, any place Now take a time, any time and capture it Freeze frame in your memory That was the day you ate that Sandwich at the quayside cafe and saw brave souls in Frogsuits dive headlong in the eerie deep waters of a Salford Canal Basin... Continue Reading →


Dial M for Museums

#CFFC #LetterM #Photography Come up with up with photographs with two Ms in the title OK Cee, I'll do me best! To start with here's a couple of Museums photographed in the area where i live.... Most of these were taken #Midsummer - so theres another word with more than 1 M The Fusiliers Museum in Bury holds... Continue Reading →


#CFFC #LetterK #BASIC #Salford #Garden Hidden away among a mountain of leaves the humble blackberry grows on its branch biding its time till a meeting awaits when it drops down into a sugary pool and parties with its pals no selfies needed here - they're all jammin'

Over the bridge

Pedestrian Walking on water ? not exactly as they straddle the Locks , Quays and Rivers of my home town never shy of their responsiblity - they get people to their destination from A to B and back again easing a walker's worry they'll get wet in the water revolutionary ? in their day necessity... Continue Reading →


Elemental Salford 17th September 2017 They cut through the Earth, to create this canal. Development led to a series of Basins being dug, which filled with water coming from, not only the canal, but the skies too.   Originally , the Wind carried ships down the canal - using their sails, but nowadays these boats... Continue Reading →

The Canal

Salford , 5th September 2017 Hi folks, Inky reporting from behind his desk at the toolshed.   Regular viewers will know i started this site to share my scribbles thoughts and photography with you all. Most of the poetry (not all) comes from my online repository on Now here's the thing.  when i post... Continue Reading →

Emulating the greats

Homage Salford , 30th August 2017 Sat by the great stretch of Ontario, Aware of the place i was in Lowry's backyard, I Found myself a bench facing Out onto this great stretch of Royal waterway, in sight of Rileys Flat and began to Draw a scene in simple pencil - one the great man... Continue Reading →

Colours with the letter B

In response to Cees Fun Foto Challenge   A Blue was used called Cerulean to create the watercolor on this post, it was added neat to create the sky and then watered down to create a light blue for the sea. Berry Red was applied in this picture of two jam tarts.  I like the way it... Continue Reading →


Unfurl 17th August 2017 Middlewood scout camp, Worsley, Salford     Maybe it was in the act of "doing our duty" that the dedication of raising and lowering the union flag each day at camp, reminded those little or big, to "do their best" even in the smallest of acts - from washing the pots... Continue Reading →

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