Puncture A poem by Brian F Kirkham 14/06/2017 Perhaps it was fate intervening Under the lights of the one - on - one run off New champion releases a breath - as old one curses release from a tyre Cut by something sharp on the road Taking the title away from him Until then, the … Continue reading Puncture


Hot magenta

#coloryourworld #cyw #hotmagenta #pink #purple look out roadsters something hot is flinging itself down the road pink Cadillac has had a spicy respray with purple overtones added to its mix looking great in the summer sun every girls dream car for sunset strip occasions  


#Coloryourworld #cyw #Tumbleweed A funny little fellow is the humble tumbleweed beginning life in the wind as a seed   Dependable in the desert Guaranteed to sweep up as it travels making cameo appearances in every good western   Home for the children, who leave when the moment comes to follow mum and dad's footsteps in … Continue reading Tumbleweed