Light Reflection

Reflecting A response to the reflecting prompt, taken at Salford Quays recently Taken by me using my Sony DSC-H300 camera – using sunset mode and continuous frame. Had a while to wait for the sun to duck below the clouds, but i’m happy with the end result and the colours in the water and sky. … Continue reading Light Reflection

Lightshow on the water

; In response to the prompt H2O Whilst the morning brings the odd boat sailing up the canal, and the dredger cleaning the bottom Sailboats traverse around Erie and Ontario – as the Dazzling Snowdrop gives tours The sun shines on the surface creating rainbows where it can as local wildlife teach their youngsters the … Continue reading Lightshow on the water


#Napowrimo #Reflection #Blogging101 Through the silvered glass My double appeared in a parallel world   Things looked the same, but different – reversed in this new world   For every beaker, soap and toothbrush duplicated itself intact in this new world   Through fog and steam we worked as a team removing facial hair without … Continue reading Reflection