Olympia Landed

Some place, Some where It began on a field of green on a soggy spring day   And as the rain fell muddy puddles splashed as damp feet advanced   The grey soon disappeared as speeds increased and coaches unleashed new hurdles   Soon young minds engaged beating Ra to the punch and clock times... Continue Reading →



Shimmer Shining in the bright moonlight holding her beauty by the waters edge in the way she reflects herself in the water maybe she will catch someone's eye mariners on the hunt for precious cargo expecting to find valuables where she is resting

Light Reflection

Reflecting A response to the reflecting prompt, taken at Salford Quays recently Taken by me using my Sony DSC-H300 camera - using sunset mode and continuous frame. Had a while to wait for the sun to duck below the clouds, but i'm happy with the end result and the colours in the water and sky.... Continue Reading →

Clear blue water, Clear blue skies

#coloryourworld #cyw #skyblue water in the lake paints perfect painted imagery of mountains above   clearest reflection mirrors the new horizon looking straight ahead   lake of clearest blue reflects colour of the sky sky mirrors water

Lightshow on the water

; In response to the prompt H2O Whilst the morning brings the odd boat sailing up the canal, and the dredger cleaning the bottom Sailboats traverse around Erie and Ontario - as the Dazzling Snowdrop gives tours The sun shines on the surface creating rainbows where it can as local wildlife teach their youngsters the... Continue Reading →


#Napowrimo #Reflection #Blogging101 Through the silvered glass My double appeared in a parallel world   Things looked the same, but different - reversed in this new world   For every beaker, soap and toothbrush duplicated itself intact in this new world   Through fog and steam we worked as a team removing facial hair without... Continue Reading →

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