Particular Take a day, any day And a place, any place Now take a time, any time and capture it Freeze frame in your memory That was the day you ate that Sandwich at the quayside cafe and saw brave souls in Frogsuits dive headlong in the eerie deep waters of a Salford Canal Basin... Continue Reading →


Another Winters Morning

Fishing As the mercury begins its annual retreat the angler keeps a watch the winter water, dark and cold as silvery sources flicker   Hot air turning to almost fog as chair it rests on sawn up logs and line it sits, still, with great aplomb as angler watches for a flicker   The float... Continue Reading →


Salford, 15th November 2017 In response to the daily post prompt Territory Turtleshell tom surveys his patch of green even the dogs know to stay off this lawn royal rumbles await any interloper rounding on the garden its all his - and every night he lets you know taking on those who'd want to mark... Continue Reading →


Hike An original piece of poetry by yours truly, It originally appeared on the Pages of but i've added a few lines and decided to share the new copy with the wordpressors - Hope you like it His multi layered coat is on his back kinder scout area.... can expect an attack He's been... Continue Reading →


Open As the competition began to place The audience and judges shivered in their space As a young guard, who'd never done the job before Created a draft inside on the competition floor Now this might not be bad for contestants so bold, But judges observing were getting a cold Said head judge to colleagues,... Continue Reading →


#CB&W #clouds #seasons #autumn     Clouds - a reflection from inky Now living during autumn 🍂 in the north of England, you tend to see a few of these. When the wind makes its way east or west, they tend to follow its path They've got funny names as well .... cumulus is the... Continue Reading →

Careful Now

Gingerly Got to admit, that first layer of frost on the ground In-stills me with an air of trepidation Not exactly fear, but as you make your way from here to there Going across the icy surfaces Expect a slip or slide or two - especially by the Roadside pavements where Jack frost refuses to... Continue Reading →

Eggy Bread

Egg This ain't no restaurant "French toast" it's made over burning logs in the country air   Foundation for the morning Set against a glorious sunrise and cups of camp tea   Thick crusty bread absorbed in a lake of golden runniness   Bacon awaits its partner as it cooks away in its fat  ... Continue Reading →


Egg every egg laid at the chicken coop has his or her day   served up as a side alongside bacon 🥓 or three sausages   or combined with veg to create a quiche lorraine cooking slowly in oven   or whipped up in a meringue or custard for a tasty pudding   or left... Continue Reading →

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