In the Kitchen

#CB&W #Kitchen #Photography The Kitchen - a place for family to gather, to cook and to eat Such a colourful place at times, how to communicate that in Black and White ? All photos taken by Inky using his trusty Nikon D3100.... Let's begin with a cup of tea    


Capturing Something new

Experimental It's quite amazing the effects you get when you concentrate on something Turn on a humble lightbulb and point your camera at it Reminding yourself (of course) to knock the flash off If the camera has a mind - it was certainly concentrated on this as i moved about the bulb Capturing the light... Continue Reading →

Dial M for Museums

#CFFC #LetterM #Photography Come up with up with photographs with two Ms in the title OK Cee, I'll do me best! To start with here's a couple of Museums photographed in the area where i live.... Most of these were taken #Midsummer - so theres another word with more than 1 M The Fusiliers Museum in Bury holds... Continue Reading →


#CB&W #Weather When i saw this prompt from cees black and white challenge, I expect you knew the response you see - It's blooming Autumn, they cried! The weather's bound to be bad,  said some we're gearing up for winter Hot climates moved back, said others, towards the equator... Everyone's thinking of heading where its... Continue Reading →


#CB&W #Clouds Tuesday afternoon. Marshmallows floating over Greater Manchester Take away the blue in the sky and those clouds seem to develop like a photograph in a laboratory the clouds grow and move become more defined and you find yourself looking for sleeping cherubs

Jams and Jaguars

#CFFC #LetterJ #BASIC A couple of photos taken from sessions at BASIC Clicks, the photography group i belong to at the Brain and Spinal injury centre in Salford for starters - here's the Jaguar . And here's some pics of some Jam (Raspberry) and Lemon curd, common thread ? all items were photographed at BASIC.... Continue Reading →


#CB&W #clouds #seasons #autumn     Clouds - a reflection from inky Now living during autumn 🍂 in the north of England, you tend to see a few of these. When the wind makes its way east or west, they tend to follow its path They've got funny names as well .... cumulus is the... Continue Reading →


Rounded i went looking for curves in the shapes around the house here's what i found

Creating something special

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford 20th October 2017 Returned to the home of BASIC Clicks to create some lit up photography here's my favourite shots The portacabin was dark during the creation of these shots Cameras - Sony DSC - H300, Nikon D3100 Equipment - Backcloths (Dark), Tripods, Seashells, Glass Ball, Fairy lights

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