Message in a bottle – 2

Salford, 21st July 2017 Remember that piece I wrote about the message washed up in a bottle ?  I've given it a little thought and wrote what might have been on that rolled up paper!   Sat, as I am on this deserted isle I'm sending this message to make someone smile Being stuck on … Continue reading Message in a bottle – 2



Create Creativity brings a blank card to life Reds Greens Yellows and Blues combine, hiding in an Envelope with A happy Message To a little girl or boy (or their mum and dad) Everybody likes recieving something made especially for them


Perfume A poem written by inkdrop for the daily post : Perfume Salford (via Heraklion) , 10th May 2017 Perhaps it was her eyes that first attracted me Everyone stopped - freeze frame as we met Reaction to that wonderful smile - unabashed, but From that day on, she seemed to be everywhere Unusually, i … Continue reading Perfume

Hidden Message

Scent Sweet floral fragrance - Captured in a bottle , and Released in the ballroom At the high school dance.   In a matter of seconds A million ingredients travel with a message from girl to boy "Have I got your attention yet ?"


In response to the prompt Whisper Speak softly - don't yell for there's a tale to tell keep message clear - it'll make people think and the message might go out and make a link   Yelling out Stories just gives listeners a pain it might be important but they wont hear it again   … Continue reading Whisper