Funny thing is this fame game,

you confidently cross the wooden stage

prepared for the task in front of you

only to be hit by that beam of light

casting a huge shadow at you


Its like the light

is a giant magnet

wiping clean the act

nothing left to do but perform the other routine

along with the fourteen prat-falls as backup




Shining in the bright moonlight

holding her beauty by the waters edge

in the way she reflects herself in the water

maybe she will catch someone’s eye

mariners on the hunt for precious cargo

expecting to find valuables where she is


Light Reflection



A response to the reflecting prompt, taken at Salford Quays recently

Sunset Reflecting on Ontario Basin, Salford Quays, Lancashire UK

Taken by me using my Sony DSC-H300 camera – using sunset mode and continuous frame.

Had a while to wait for the sun to duck below the clouds, but i’m happy with the end result and the colours in the water and sky.

Anyone wondering about the buoys in the water – this is where the watersports centre do their windsurfing, canoeing and line surfing.

Musical mayhem and culinary capers

Brain and Spinal injury centre, Salford

17th march 2017

another fun session and close ups with objects with Basic Clicks.

continuing with the bokeh theme, we set up shots with various different objects, from spoons to a guitar.  The guitar worked nicely with last weeks shots, as we used a backdrop of musical notes again.  I liked the images I managed to create in the session.


Fretwork – (p) Brian F Kirkham March 2017


Imitation of an Album Cover (p) Brian F Kirkham March 2017


Spoon Spiral (p) Brian F Kirkham March 2017


Shadows (p) Brian F Kirkham March 2017


Shadowforks (p) Brian f Kirkham March 2017


Guitar Notes (p) Brian F Kirkham March 2017


After the session, I enjoyed a lovely steak and onion panini with a side salad in the centre café – “Food for thought”, washed down with a lovely cup of tea!









28th January 2017


#cyw #Almond #coloryourworld

Admittedly, I like Almonds….

Like – when they’re scattered liberally over a bakewell sponge or

Made in to powder, and mixed with other ingredients for marzipan

Overall, the taste is really great in a cake

Nutty and sweet – from the seed that escapes from that

Delicately pitted light brown casing

Some would say – they’re delicious! (especially in chocolate!)



“Everybody dance into the light”….Dance into the light – P.Collins, 1996.

A Mug of something magical – normally my mug of hot cocoa from whittards!!!


(Photograph : Brian F Kirkham)

It’s said that a black hole swallows up every last bit of light around it.

The same can be said for a Bokeh effect Lens

We’ve been making these Lenses from Black Paper / Card in our photography sessions at BASIC in Salford.  The Image is concentrated on the amount of light going through the lens, producing some rather delightful effects.  The shape of the lights is changed by the lens, and due to the light source being thrown out of focus, you can make the simplest of lights turn to teardrops, butterflies or even stars depending on how far away you are from your backdrop.

Looking at the picture it looks like the lights are ‘dancing’ around the coffee cup.

And the key to getting these effects, darkening the surroundings of the subject so the light is concentrated through the shaped lens on the camera.




I’ve never thought of

the humble raindrop

as artistic

But as the sun shines down

over rainy Salford skies

it does something


Using the sun’s rays

as its brush :

It sets up a palette

of seven stunning colours

And as White cascades

through Violet to red

A Colourful Rainbow

can be seen overhead.

Bringing some colour

to a once rainy day.

A sign that soon

It’ll be time to play