Harmony It starts with the wind gently rushing through the green leaves feathered maestros awaken in nests and trees no electronic devices needed here as chirping chums share news around the bird bath and as they fly into the morning blue the song begins to take shape a tale of a glorious blue sky moment … Continue reading Harmonious

Pine Green

    #Coloryourworld #CYW #Green #Pine #acrostic #nature #forest   Perhaps its no mistake In noting you’re an evergreen Numbers of you gather on Each side of the forest road, pushing through the   Grasses as you do, Reaching high up into the sky of blue Every squirrel in the neighbourhood covets your seeds, and … Continue reading Pine Green


#Coloryourworld #Cyw #Forestgreen Walking through the forest on a summers morning the sun peeking through the trees to say hello new hairdo’s for all – their old leaves forming a carpet below they make a wonderful crunch as you step through them and waking up to the sound of the leaves ? a family of squirrels … Continue reading Forest

Spring greens

#Coloryourworld #cyw #spring-green From down in the ground on cold winter ❄️ months long 🍃 leaves take time to grow.   As their heads pop up from the ground rejoice! For their dark green foliage utimately signal mother nature fancies a change of scene   the mercury rises and the flowers 🌺 are coming spring … Continue reading Spring greens

Impressions of Autumn

Two leaves rescued from a trip down the drain travelling down the Trafford Road The plane leaf – soaring like its mechanical cousin skipping and dancing on the Salford Wind The maple leaf – smaller, lighter quicker playing hopscotch over the sandstone paving Their brothers and sisters lie bereft hiding under evergreens to keep out … Continue reading Impressions of Autumn