In the Kitchen

#CB&W #Kitchen #Photography The Kitchen - a place for family to gather, to cook and to eat Such a colourful place at times, how to communicate that in Black and White ? All photos taken by Inky using his trusty Nikon D3100.... Let's begin with a cup of tea


Chicken Soup (Panacea)

Perhaps you say, it could have magical properties as the recipe has been passed down the generations for years notably, it reaches parts your chemists cold cures dont and it's tasty to the person that's eating it changes to little things like seasonings, are expected through time but everybody knows the core of chicken, onion... Continue Reading →


Inhabit Living in holes in the side of a very high mountain in warmth and out of the cold northern wind - was only going to be the start   Logs pulled to ground in an Instant - and bound together with rope made from Vines provided shelter and Instant relief from the wall of... Continue Reading →


In response to the prompt Amble My Home town has plenty of green space to go at... Two canals, a river network that runs up northern tributaries to Lancashire, and south towards Cheshire These canals and rivers meet up near the old dock at Salford Quays, formerly "Manchester Docks", I walk that way when I... Continue Reading →


Gate Salford 22nd July 2017 Guarding the green grass of the garden A way in (or way out) for visitors - path leading Towards the front door Expect a little squeak from time to time - hinges need greasing


Fence For years, a defining line for who owns what each individual tending their side of it never forgetting of course to converse with the neighbours next door everybody keeping their patch of green tidy  

what’s on the wall ?

Wall to Wall Salford, 10th July 2017 theres one side of my bedroom that has become my own private gallery. mickey mouse meets mountainous hills one wall, contains a print of a local salford artist, joe Coffey...the connection tween the artist and myself ? We went to school together.  I went to one of his... Continue Reading →


a piece of poetry written by inky back in October 2011. its had a bit of a brush up....inky. empty windows, front and back This old terraced house has seen an attack lined up un boarded on a desolate street overgrown garden weeds under feet But park yourself a that old iron chair take... Continue Reading →


18th May 2017 A San-San poem - Origins rooted on the Greek Island of Crete   On holiday by a grecian water I saw a flying insect having some tea it flew for the pollen from flower to flower occasionally passing a grecian sun or daughter it was happy to pass through the flowers this... Continue Reading →

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