18th May 2017 A San-San poem – Origins rooted on the Greek Island of Crete   On holiday by a grecian water I saw a flying insect having some tea it flew for the pollen from flower to flower occasionally passing a grecian sun or daughter it was happy to pass through the flowers this … Continue reading Honeycomb

Snow 🌨

Salford 28th February 2017 So, here it goes new Year and January have left the party old father times moving on to spring winter ❄️ you would think 💭 is getting ready to take a nap 😴 somebody didnt read the script at the pole northern winds have delivered something, covering over the terracotta tiles … Continue reading Snow 🌨


interior   2nd January 2017 It’s that place away from the winter weather, never understated – because it’s yours tables and chairs in the kitchen-cum-diner, settee and TV in the lounge each room containing its own mark made by you rugs with interesting patterns laid on hard wood floors intrinsic patterns that took an age to … Continue reading Interior