Mushroom A response to the daily post prompt by inky Small mushroom sits amongst the leaves and the grass minding its own as the wildlife pass getting what it can from nearby trees and the rain taking up water from the natural drain



Salford, 15th November 2017 In response to the daily post prompt Territory Turtleshell tom surveys his patch of green even the dogs know to stay off this lawn royal rumbles await any interloper rounding on the garden its all his - and every night he lets you know taking on those who'd want to mark... Continue Reading →


#CFFC #LetterK #BASIC #Salford #Garden Hidden away among a mountain of leaves the humble blackberry grows on its branch biding its time till a meeting awaits when it drops down into a sugary pool and parties with its pals no selfies needed here - they're all jammin'


Rounded i went looking for curves in the shapes around the house here's what i found


Tame Cousin to the king of the beasts anybody would think that it would be madness to take it on   Collectively though - the wildness ails away, when the beast needs feeding the prince of the jungle becomes felis domestica   Coming out of the forest and scouting the garden a happy little kitty... Continue Reading →

Things Containing the Letter G

#CFFC #LetterG   Photos and art with the letter G - For starters here's a pic of a Golden Delicious Apple A rose bush growing in a Garden A Greek Chapel on the Island of Crete  

Back of a Leaf

 #C&BW A Simple leaf , on the tarmac and gravel of the car park of #BASIC, the brain and spinal injury centre in Salford. Fallen by the wind, or the passing of time with the coming of autumn, this humble leaf gave me another chance to create something special. Been messing around with the monochrome... Continue Reading →

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Structure III

Structure Old decayed leaf melts into the moss on the car park tarmac as it disappears into memory but look at its veins and bones as it fades into the mud and you'll see a remembrance of the mighty tree it once was part of.


Thorny Running through a rose garden often ruins your clothes Specially if you are wearing a woollen jumper expect those knitted specialities to get Snagged on a spike or two - creating a hole that'll need to be patched

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