Flowers in a hotel garden

#cffc #flowers #nature Flowers in the nao San Rafael suite, in the algarve plenty of flowers 💐 in this Portuguese resort, but they are eclipsed by some really tall trees.  Fellow ursinians would appreciate these, though I’ve seen more tropical birds than honeybees.


Soil (II)

An acrostic by inky, in response to the daily post prompt Soil Some people - call it the ground One of natures building blocks If you looked at it - from deep below - you would call it Life itself   Several different creatures - they call it home On occasion , they climb out... Continue Reading →

Ode to a cactus

Prickle Once only found in Desert sand a gardener decided to hatch a plan developing a succelent that's happy at home, as well as gardenment living in pots of sandy soil whilst in the heat other plants toiled this funny green plant, just grew away amusing those in the garden at play flowering in the... Continue Reading →


fragrance Salford 25th July 2017   For centuries, the makers of perfume have made Romantic smells from the humble garden Animated - and captured with oils wine and water Girls grab their latest favourite - in an attempt to Reach out - without a step - to the lad of their dreams Attraction can be... Continue Reading →


      Soil source of growth our garden plants depend on it its home for all sorts of life like worms, beetles and ants   such an important base needs nutrients on certain mornings , water and fertiliser is added , to let the seedlings and bulbs lift their flowers into the sky and... Continue Reading →

A Flowery San-San

In a porcelain pot sits some stripy pink flowers in a group - there's a lot passing the hours positioned in centre of table at a meal by the chef and his team who are more than able to show off their wares and create a feel

Out in the Garden

Friday 19th May 2017 Basic Clicks Photography Group Location : Base camp, the Enchanted Garden, Brain & Spinal Injury Centre, Salford, UK Camera used : DSC-H300   Today, we've been out in the Enchanted Garden @ BASIC.  Capturing some brilliant images for use in a future display.  Mostly these were roses , but also the... Continue Reading →


18th May 2017 A San-San poem - Origins rooted on the Greek Island of Crete   On holiday by a grecian water I saw a flying insect having some tea it flew for the pollen from flower to flower occasionally passing a grecian sun or daughter it was happy to pass through the flowers this... Continue Reading →

Playing with pastels

Transcript (alt title : tip toeing through the drawings) One of my first pastel drawings I'd been sat in the front garden, of the terraced house i live in and decided to bring some colour to my drawing pad The trees in the garden were coming into bloom , whilst the fuschias and minature roses... Continue Reading →

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