In Flight

Salford 26th August 2017 The aviators are circling again looking for a suitable place to rest whilst the sun is high in a northern sky   Gliding from roof to roof checking out the pickings in lined up gardens   Unafraid and Unabashed to businesses back yards they'll pip for some chucked out fish (or … Continue reading In Flight



#stellarandlunar Fear not, dear Friends Lights you can see - are the stars far awee In case we should go - into a UFO Galactic suits are provided with boots Hope you do enjoy the Flight Towards the moon - all shining bright    


Harrier Hello chaps! all you down there Tis I, the mechanical bird in th'air protecting you all at night and day keeping enemy forces at bay Armed only with the best weaponry - I carry tactical rockets you see! But my best qualities are in th'movement in air passing over forests and mountains wi' flair … Continue reading Harrier