Close ups and Action Effects

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford 28th July 2017 Today at basic we've been carrying on creating action shots from scenes from magazines and books, using props such as toy figures and cars. The resulting shots taken produced some rather abstract results, "The Wave" was created from the picture of a horse - i like … Continue reading Close ups and Action Effects


Out of Focus

Salford 19th June 2017 in response to wordpress photo challenge Focus Here's a Pic of A Greek Chapel, in Crete taken during a recent family holiday. I played around with the depth of field in this shot - concentrating the focus on the chapel and the bench outside. Being a chapel - I couldn't take … Continue reading Out of Focus

Special effects

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford 10th March 2017 Today at BASICs photography session, we've had a bit of a Musical theme, using objects we've used before together with some musical notation. Sheets of Music were used by the group to create some wonderful imagery. everything from rings and chains to coloured backgrounds. Some shots … Continue reading Special effects