Out of Focus

Salford 19th June 2017

in response to wordpress photo challenge Focus

Blurred Church

Here’s a Pic of A Greek Chapel, in Crete taken during a recent family holiday.

I played around with the depth of field in this shot – concentrating the focus on the chapel and the bench outside.

Being a chapel – I couldn’t take a shot of the inside.  So i concentrated on the area around it!

Camera used was my Trusty Digital Stills Camera from Sony, additional tweaks to the Depth of field was done using Adobe photoshop elements.

And for those who wanted to see the original pic of the chapel – here it is….



Ripples in the water

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC), Salford

5th May 2017

Fun and games in the portacabin of the Enchanted Garden, Home of BASIC Clicks photography group in Salford


What effects can be achieved with a simple bridge camera, a clear glass bowl of water and a dropper.

Believe it or not – this was a tough assignment for me.  My hand was gripped around my Sony cybershot like my life depended on it.  Reaction time has never been my strong point.

In order to capture the shot, my camera required a few tweaks as i switched from single shot photography to continuous shooting. I also changed the angle of the shot.

I’d tried to capture the drop from side on – but it didn’t work. So after a little perserverance i moved the camera above the water….and it worked.

Ripples in the water

Musical mayhem and culinary capers

Brain and Spinal injury centre, Salford

17th march 2017

another fun session and close ups with objects with Basic Clicks.

continuing with the bokeh theme, we set up shots with various different objects, from spoons to a guitar.  The guitar worked nicely with last weeks shots, as we used a backdrop of musical notes again.  I liked the images I managed to create in the session.


Fretwork – (p) Brian F Kirkham March 2017


Imitation of an Album Cover (p) Brian F Kirkham March 2017


Spoon Spiral (p) Brian F Kirkham March 2017


Shadows (p) Brian F Kirkham March 2017


Shadowforks (p) Brian f Kirkham March 2017


Guitar Notes (p) Brian F Kirkham March 2017


After the session, I enjoyed a lovely steak and onion panini with a side salad in the centre café – “Food for thought”, washed down with a lovely cup of tea!








Special effects

A Musical Piece (p) Brian F Kirkham 2017

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford

10th March 2017

Today at BASICs photography session, we’ve had a bit of a Musical theme, using objects we’ve used before together with some musical notation.

Musical Notation (Closeup) (p) Brian F Kirkham 2017

Sheets of Music were used by the group to create some wonderful imagery. everything from rings and chains to coloured backgrounds.

Musical Heart (p) Brian F Kirkham 2017

Some shots required close up photography or zoom, whilst others required angles or distance. Once again, I used my Bridge camera to create the shots , and we used overhead lighting to get the best of the effects.   I’m happy with the shots I took in the session

Heart of the Music (p) Brian F Kirkham 2017
Ringing Musical Heart (p) Brian F Kirkham 2017
Maskerade (p) Brian F Kirkham 2017
Musical Reflections (p) Brian F Kirkham 2017
Musical Fortune (p)  Brian F Kirkham 2017

Bokeh and Scotch Pancakes

Salford, 25th February 2017

I’m feeling rather happy today.

There’s a reason for this.  As people know, I’ve been participating in photography classes whilst I get back on my feet

The classes take place at the Brain & Spinal injury centre off Eccles New Road, close by to the Neurological wing at Salford Royal Hospital (Hope)


Subject of the day : One China Cup – Soon to be lit up

I used my Sony Cybershot in the session – and the class put together a series of shots which (I thought) would look good on the screen.


Teacup / Lights  Bf Kirkham




Some came out blurry, whilst some – didn’t come out at all


Snowflake lights – B.F Kirkham


I did this test shot, to make sure my camera was working with the lens filter.  I quite like it, as it looked like it was snowing indoors!

eventually though – the lights began to appear through the lens.  Having thrown the image off focus – the effect was finalised using a photoshop filter – glowing edges which created the colourfully lit bubbles rising from the teacup.

I was looking for rainbows today – and they appeared – thanks to a little bokeh magic.

I celebrated my achievement with a plate of scotch pancakes….but there will be more like this soon, so watch this space.


Lightlit Bubbles - Bokeh.jpg
Rainbow lights from a teacup – B.F Kirkham



What happen’s when the leader of BASICs Photography Class is unfortunately unavailable…

The Class go Freestyling




Ingredients for the shoot : Dark Cloth, Glass Beads, Fairy Lights, Mirrors, Glycerin water and Containers….


Graham and Vanessa set up the shots, whilst Martyn and me helped with the lighting..



With the lights off and the Zoom Lens on the lights created some wonderful effects


Constellation – Spot the Alien!




Fireflies – Released




Dark and Light Emeralds










“Everybody dance into the light”….Dance into the light – P.Collins, 1996.

A Mug of something magical – normally my mug of hot cocoa from whittards!!!


(Photograph : Brian F Kirkham)

It’s said that a black hole swallows up every last bit of light around it.

The same can be said for a Bokeh effect Lens

We’ve been making these Lenses from Black Paper / Card in our photography sessions at BASIC in Salford.  The Image is concentrated on the amount of light going through the lens, producing some rather delightful effects.  The shape of the lights is changed by the lens, and due to the light source being thrown out of focus, you can make the simplest of lights turn to teardrops, butterflies or even stars depending on how far away you are from your backdrop.

Looking at the picture it looks like the lights are ‘dancing’ around the coffee cup.

And the key to getting these effects, darkening the surroundings of the subject so the light is concentrated through the shaped lens on the camera.