Emulating the greats

Homage Salford , 30th August 2017 Sat by the great stretch of Ontario, Aware of the place i was in Lowry's backyard, I Found myself a bench facing Out onto this great stretch of Royal waterway, in sight of Rileys Flat and began to Draw a scene in simple pencil - one the great man... Continue Reading →



Loop like you go around in circles with the pen Over time, you begin to repeat, going over and over , changing position each time by degree till a Pattern emerges on the paper

Playing with pastels

Transcript (alt title : tip toeing through the drawings) One of my first pastel drawings I'd been sat in the front garden, of the terraced house i live in and decided to bring some colour to my drawing pad The trees in the garden were coming into bloom , whilst the fuschias and minature roses... Continue Reading →

Pencil Drawing

#coloryourworld #cyw #grey Pencil drawings are a marvellous thing enjoyed by many now - it might be said that there's a lack of vibrancy in a choice of a pencil drawing - but in fact - Landscapes come alive as   Delicately drawn forms are transferred Rocks and boulders , lakes and streams All take... Continue Reading →

Composition of a painting

Salford, 7th March 2017 The drawing originated from the last family holiday we had in Oludeniz, in Turkey. I took my notepad and pencils with me to do some scribbling when i got bored of taking camera shots with my Samsung web camera. Just by the complex we were staying in were the remains of... Continue Reading →


      Salford, Sunday 29th January 2017 A Watercolour painting of the Roman ruins at Oludeniz, Turkey Mum and Dad were out of the house this weekend, visiting my little sister and her family, A marathon session of CSI, NCIS and FA Cup football were planned - and went very well, (Manchester Utd winning... Continue Reading →

My Notebooks

Salford, 9th August 2016 I see them as a fine artist sees a piece of canvas. Decorated, Labelled and in different colours I take one around with me wherever I go - depending on weather conditions i'll use my trusty Parker pen to scribble down my thoughts or a standard run of the mill pencil... Continue Reading →

Scribbles in Notebooks

Pens and Pencils Salford , 18th July 2016 "Just a humble little scribble from my notebooks" I like writing and drawing, and though i'll never be the next big thing when it comes to these artforms - I still find them helpful in my never ending mission to concentrate the mind.     Whenever i'm... Continue Reading →

Two sides of the apple

In response to the prompt : Opposites A picture of a pastel drawing Subject matter red and green apples : the two halves interlocking on opposite halves of the serving platter...both different, but both apples. feel free to give us your thoughts.

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