Things with the Letter D

#CFFC in response to cees photography challenge To start with, here's a night time shot of the Holiday inn express on Salford's Quayside, taken at Dusk by one of the Docks or as the people call them now basins 🙂 You could call this a 3D shot - as it was Dark as well ! The canal is... Continue Reading →


The Canal

Salford , 5th September 2017 Hi folks, Inky reporting from behind his desk at the toolshed.   Regular viewers will know i started this site to share my scribbles thoughts and photography with you all. Most of the poetry (not all) comes from my online repository on Now here's the thing.  when i post... Continue Reading →

Emulating the greats

Homage Salford , 30th August 2017 Sat by the great stretch of Ontario, Aware of the place i was in Lowry's backyard, I Found myself a bench facing Out onto this great stretch of Royal waterway, in sight of Rileys Flat and began to Draw a scene in simple pencil - one the great man... Continue Reading →

Clouds in the water

#weather #water #reflections #poetry Salford, 15th May 2017 You could almost mistake them for the real thing confused Canada geese try to eat them as an appetiser before lunch they seem to float gently on the waters edge easy pickings for our feathered friends Bubbles arise from deep below but clever fish they do not... Continue Reading →

Ten birds 🐦 spotted

Salford, 25th January 2017 in response to the daily prompt Ten i never realised my home city was such a magnet for birds, particularly waterfowl pigeons are normally the first thing I'd spot, sparrows usually nest in the small fir trees 🌲 In the front garden today a blackbird said hello, hopping about from tree... Continue Reading →

The return of the lights

Salford, 12th December 2016 I have had a wonderful few days in the run up to the Christmas festivities Manchester's volunteer choir were well received at the volunteer celebration at the Town Hall, whilst the smells and sounds of the Christmas markets have been in full swing. However, today I had the opportunity to take in... Continue Reading →


Ostentatious Definition of Ostentatious Characterised by pretentious or showy display; designed to impress. There are many places that meet this criteria, but you could say the refurbished Manchester Waterside comes close. Firstly they cleaned up the basins, and placed lots of fancy housing around where the dockside warehouses are...whilst that was going on, they built... Continue Reading →

Lightshow on the water

; In response to the prompt H2O Whilst the morning brings the odd boat sailing up the canal, and the dredger cleaning the bottom Sailboats traverse around Erie and Ontario - as the Dazzling Snowdrop gives tours The sun shines on the surface creating rainbows where it can as local wildlife teach their youngsters the... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge: Narrow

          Narrow Saturday  July 30th, 2016 A Thought: Narrowboat They carried the cargo before the rail up and down the waterways Colourful characters towing the coal that burned in the houses, factories and mills but then with the dawn came the engine of steam much faster than canal - down rail... Continue Reading →

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