Hike An original piece of poetry by yours truly, It originally appeared on the Pages of Allpoetry.com but i've added a few lines and decided to share the new copy with the wordpressors - Hope you like it His multi layered coat is on his back kinder scout area.... can expect an attack He's been... Continue Reading →


Well worn Blanket

Salford 16th May 2017 Blanket Back in Nineteen eighty two - i started taking this long woolly blanket to camp Like many other scouts i stuck it at the end of my tents sleeping bag, and As it got cold, i wrapped it round me to keep warm Now, each camp i went to -... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Old Boots

These Boots Were Made for Walking March 2011 In a part of the corridor, just by the stairs by the front door, lies a pair of Old Black Boots. It’s been quite a while since they have been walking. And if their owner were truthful - they could do with a bit of a clean.  The... Continue Reading →


Brought to the fore by that Derbyshire town Almonds in abundance in that wonderful spongey tart Kept in the bakers front window Everyone appreciates its fullsome flavour When its brought out at afternoon tea Each slice full of almonds and Lashings of raspberry jam and topped with a Layer of tasty icing

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