Atmospheric Cast that whitelight through the prism and let the colours scatter, we'll be reeling and a rocking , jumping and a jiving under the rainbow of coloured lights till morning maybe we'll meet some one special - bopping to the beat - its quite an atmosphere  


Creating something special

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford 20th October 2017 Returned to the home of BASIC Clicks to create some lit up photography here's my favourite shots The portacabin was dark during the creation of these shots Cameras - Sony DSC - H300, Nikon D3100 Equipment - Backcloths (Dark), Tripods, Seashells, Glass Ball, Fairy lights

Colours with the letter B

In response to Cees Fun Foto Challenge   A Blue was used called Cerulean to create the watercolor on this post, it was added neat to create the sky and then watered down to create a light blue for the sea. Berry Red was applied in this picture of two jam tarts.  I like the way it... Continue Reading →


Casual Salford 5th August Inky gets acrostic at weekend fashions   Created at weekend - that must be style As suits and ties get thrown back in the wardrobe for Slingbacks, shorts and T-shirts Unusual colours get paired together, but As the sun is out, nobody minds Lime Green Shirts and Raspberry Pink Trousers


Passenger Salford, 2nd July 2017   An acrostic in response to the prompt   public service vehicles 🚗 a godsend for the pedestrian sailing down a local tarmac track near you in a spectrum of bright colours each one stopping to receive a customer note the people waiting to get on these great wheeled chargers... Continue Reading →


Create Creativity brings a blank card to life Reds Greens Yellows and Blues combine, hiding in an Envelope with A happy Message To a little girl or boy (or their mum and dad) Everybody likes recieving something made especially for them

Out in the Garden

Friday 19th May 2017 Basic Clicks Photography Group Location : Base camp, the Enchanted Garden, Brain & Spinal Injury Centre, Salford, UK Camera used : DSC-H300   Today, we've been out in the Enchanted Garden @ BASIC.  Capturing some brilliant images for use in a future display.  Mostly these were roses , but also the... Continue Reading →

Life in Miniature

Miniature Salford, 18th may 2017 Mr Milnes tale , captured perfectly In a moment Notes of colour , delicately transferred onto It's material base As models go, it sings the Tale of the Hundred Acre Wood, in wonderful wonder Uniquely created for a special store, Reds through to Violets bring characters to life Exceptional.

Hard to see through

Opaque On the whole - its hard to see through glass like this Perhaps , that's why, instead of windows - it's used to produce Antiques of the future - vases and chargers and such Quaint - in the way the colours scatter through it Unlike the light , captured by the spectrum of colour... Continue Reading →

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