Autumnal ?

Salford, 10th November 2016 The weather has taken a bit of a turn at Inkdrop House, Believe it or Not, despite these dirty great grey clouds outside the window THE SUN IS SHINING OUTSIDE!!!! There is however – a serious drop in temperature, which has led some in the house to crank up the central … Continue reading Autumnal ?


Shiver The change in the seasons It leaves you cold as you make your way walking through the woods   First frosts paint delicate crystals across fallen tree leaves they crunch underfoot as you make your way home   as jack frost paints you pull at your coat wrapping your scarf tight round your throat … Continue reading Shiver


Jack Frost landed a wintery spell hibernating animals – have a tale to tell. Icy shapes fall through the air to the ground, as crystals they break – without any sound   Temperature falls on the ground below, turning the crystals to crisp white snow. Covering ground, with white snow quite nice which can be … Continue reading Snow

Winters Grip

A Silver winning piece of poetry on winter from the pages of It starts when the last leaves of Autumn are falling. The Air gets colder with Winter calling. And Snow starts to fall, as ice starts to form as weather gets colder than then when it was warm. And Winter takes hold, as … Continue reading Winters Grip


Frost Painting delicate patterns on Car Windows the ice maiden covers her canvas keeping her art materials fresh until the night falls Her frosty hand freezes ponds leaving local ducks a chance to master skating across the local waters Lawns and reeds stand in Military precision Captured in time by icy blasts When her creations … Continue reading Frost