#CB&W #Weather When i saw this prompt from cees black and white challenge, I expect you knew the response you see - It's blooming Autumn, they cried! The weather's bound to be bad,  said some we're gearing up for winter Hot climates moved back, said others, towards the equator... Everyone's thinking of heading where its... Continue Reading →



#CB&W #Clouds Tuesday afternoon. Marshmallows floating over Greater Manchester Take away the blue in the sky and those clouds seem to develop like a photograph in a laboratory the clouds grow and move become more defined and you find yourself looking for sleeping cherubs


#CB&W #clouds #seasons #autumn     Clouds - a reflection from inky Now living during autumn 🍂 in the north of England, you tend to see a few of these. When the wind makes its way east or west, they tend to follow its path They've got funny names as well .... cumulus is the... Continue Reading →

Cotton candy clouds

as the sun says peek a boo over multi coloured high rises for an hour or two Skies turn into confectioners delights as cotton candy clouds turn from white to blue with occasional shades of pink or yellow

Storms a Passing

From the Archive at, thought i'd share this one - a poem on the rain!   The field needs a watering so nature gives a hand layering the clouds so they're above the land As sun heads off to the other side of the world the pockets of clouds are about to be unfurled... Continue Reading →

Clouds in the water

#weather #water #reflections #poetry Salford, 15th May 2017 You could almost mistake them for the real thing confused Canada geese try to eat them as an appetiser before lunch they seem to float gently on the waters edge easy pickings for our feathered friends Bubbles arise from deep below but clever fish they do not... Continue Reading →

Cotton candy

Salford 9th April 2017 a sweet poem for the color your world challenge by inkdropk #poetry #confectionery #cyw #coloryourworld #cottoncandy #candyfloss   whispy wires of candy softly rising into a soft tornado gathering in pace as it goes   sensational sugar collides against the  tornado catcher fallen to be reused again   whisps gather pace... Continue Reading →

Blue skies

#Coloryourworld #cyw #skyblue Blue is the sky the kite flies through marshmallow pillows   and as it flies rainbows brand new travel through the air   passing over high white willows colours of strawberry, orange, apple, banana and pear  

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