Clouds in the water

#weather #water #reflections #poetry Salford, 15th May 2017 You could almost mistake them for the real thing confused Canada geese try to eat them as an appetiser before lunch they seem to float gently on the waters edge easy pickings for our feathered friends Bubbles arise from deep below but clever fish they do not … Continue reading Clouds in the water

Cotton candy

Salford 9th April 2017 a sweet poem for the color your world challenge by inkdropk #poetry #confectionery #cyw #coloryourworld #cottoncandy #candyfloss   whispy wires of candy softly rising into a soft tornado gathering in pace as it goes   sensational sugar collides against the  tornado catcher fallen to be reused again   whisps gather pace … Continue reading Cotton candy

Blue skies

#Coloryourworld #cyw #skyblue Blue is the sky the kite flies through marshmallow pillows   and as it flies rainbows brand new travel through the air   passing over high white willows colours of strawberry, orange, apple, banana and pear   Continue reading Blue skies

Storm II

Storm Something, they say, is brewing The clouds of cirrus are circling, and getting bigger in the wind Over the heads of everyone , whether on land or sea Rain isn’t forecast for today – but tomorrow ?  they’re saying torrential. Maybe its best, if we just lay anchor – and Batten down the hatches. Continue reading Storm II

Autumnal ?

Salford, 10th November 2016 The weather has taken a bit of a turn at Inkdrop House, Believe it or Not, despite these dirty great grey clouds outside the window THE SUN IS SHINING OUTSIDE!!!! There is however – a serious drop in temperature, which has led some in the house to crank up the central … Continue reading Autumnal ?


The angels are crying again up in the heavens God’s in his workshop planning out the seasons and he’s dropped something heavy on his big toe Judging by the colour of the clouds and the sudden burst of rain he’s not happy! Continue reading Cloudburst

Cloud in Blue

Wispy white clouds Each with their own unique character Attempt to stay calm as they float through northern skies The temperatures nice – but if mercury rises watch as their Hot tempers turn them from white to grey Expect a downpour – quicker than lightning before Rainbows appear with the return of the sun Continue reading Cloud in Blue