Ascend A top of a Small hill can feel like Mt everest to a small child Conquering the challenge of Elevating themselves so far, from North South East and West - they can see all around them Descending might take a bit longer - but first take in the view



Climbing As you head up the hill Something carries you on Crevices becoming the perfect hand holds Engaging with the rock Noted men before you have attemped this face before - but Deny you your moment of glory ? not a chance! In fact - they'll be all hearing you yelling your achievements North to... Continue Reading →


Salford 17th May 2017 Precipice perhaps it wasn't the greatest idea resting your legs of the edge of the cliff everybody is now yelling at you to come away from where you are sitting in case the floor beneath you happens to come away pulling yourself up and sitting somewhere safer is a great idea,... Continue Reading →

The Mountain

A Bronze-winning Acrostic (written by me) from Allpoetry Maybe you would think it foolish, Over hills and across dales he went with his tools Under ridges and across crags - all to Navigate the ultimate prize Towards greatness he headed And facing torrents of wind and rain Ice and snow - and occasional blizzard, he... Continue Reading →

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