Ode to a cactus

Prickle Once only found in Desert sand a gardener decided to hatch a plan developing a succelent that's happy at home, as well as gardenment living in pots of sandy soil whilst in the heat other plants toiled this funny green plant, just grew away amusing those in the garden at play flowering in the … Continue reading Ode to a cactus



Disastrous Alfred decided he would try to bake his mum and dad a pie he made his base from floury dough and garden for the filling he did go but after sending the pie to the fire young Alfred he began to perspire so off to bed - for forty winks he did go - … Continue reading Disaster!


Sinking each of your feet into warm wet sand lets mum and dad know exactly where your little feet are heading Occasionally, two pairs of feet Turn into one pair as a little one ascends into the blue for Piggybacks


impression Salford (Via Llandudno), 14th June 2017 Four sets of feet walking in line on the beach As you follow the line of footprints Patterns begin to emerge as footprints snake from east to west smaller feet seemingly running rings around the big ones but as we reach the end of the walk these little … Continue reading Impression


Distant Salford, 4th June 2017   Days have passed in the air i hear the sounds of cheering someone is making the children smile tonight - we don't forget - we carry on and remember and defy the eedjits who thought bringing tears to our streets would change things never forget - we're the hearts … Continue reading Distant


Catapult it seemed like a good idea to let little freddie have something to play with till the time arised when flying ducks took cover from rocketed pebbles hurled by the lad using his sling shot