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Its a little thing…



it starts with the little things

growing up as a kid,

you really want to ride the big dipper,

but end up on the small caterpillar ride instead


And you want the best of the ice-creams

you saved some space after lunch

but the outcome’s much smaller than the picture

those biscuits look like they’re munched


But the fellow behind this is not fickle

and he’s not as mean as he seems

though harsh it may seem at the start

he wants to fulfil your dreams


So that space in that tum is not full yet

there’s a place that is not out of reach

selling bonbons and fudge and candyfloss

that you enjoy walking down street towards the beach




I watched in awe as

the lights twinkled in the glow

of a winters moon


Cold air and Crisp Snow

gently drift on northern greens

painting the lawns white


Trees collecting snow

up high in their green branches

the evergreens trick


Church bells ring out – as

Rainbow coloured lights shine out

“A Joyful Christmas”




I remember…

Walking across wet grass on a summers day

Waiting with anticipation on exam day

Wishing the docs and nurses would stop prodding me with needles

Wanting to talk to that girl in the park with the brown hair

Wading into cool blue waters on a perfect beach

Waddling through water watching the fish swim around my ankles

Walking around towns and villages taking in the waters

Watching the local wildlife wondering about

Wishing these days would never end…

Wondering what excitement awaits tomorrow

Waddling toward the water to dip my toes in a welcoming sea.

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Sounds of home

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Woken by the familiar sounds of childhood

the morning freight rolling down the Trafford Road

Clock radios alert you to the time as

Water runs in the bathroom

to the fizz of bath cubes creating bubbles


Thump of the morning news

follows letters on the floor

as the chirp of bluebirds

cuts through a chorus of cats


Local radio follows the sound

of Sausages sizzling in a pan

and the snap crackle pop of morning cereal

Crunch of feet following autumn leaves or virgin snow

on their way to school lessons.

The Green-eyed Monster

In response to the Daily post prompt Envy


It’s a terrible thing Envy.

Wanting something somebody else has

This little beast can grow up in the most smallest of children, all you need to do is look on in horror at the goings on in the school playground as the nursery school kids play with the toys in the sandpit…

“BUT I WANT IT!!!!” – the common cry of the envious kid who sees the other kid happily playing with his bucket and spade.  Within ten minutes he’s trying to get the spade.  Raised voices amass in the playground and then suddenly – something happens to finally make the nursery nurse intervene…and within seconds both kids are in tears – the first from the kid who had his spade pinched, the second from the envious little so-and-so that instigated the fracas

And as you get older – that little beast gets bigger – more zealous – more vicious

The envious kid is still there in the playground – but he (or she) is a bit more knowledgeable, a bit more savvy…Cat calls on what another kid’s wearing or carrying their books into school – example – “that sports bag is so last year!” – I am not making this up – I actually heard that passing a school yard on the way to catching the tram into Manchester.

And even though i’m writing this on WordPress – the internet hasn’t helped matters.  Subtle little cat calls on social networking sites just extend the green eyed mist.

You could put it down to that little thing “Growing Up”

But then again if not controlled – you find green eyed monsters in Academia, Business, Commerce , Sport, and Politics – and they’re all adults.

Most recently – And most publicised in the UK – a minister who once led his party had a disagreement with his boss – and led to his resignation – read between the lines and you find he’s one of a few green-eyed monsters who secretly wanted to be PM….

and after the event…though you can’t see it – a green eyed monster is hiding in plain sight – laughing at all the trouble he’s caused.


Memories of Holidays Past

Memories of Holidays Past

(alternate title : A Salford lads venture in the Southwest of England)


The English Riviera…

Torquay, Paignton, Brixham – the English County of Devon

One heck of a place to get to by Car, even more by rail.

Heading south, through mystical places – on an intercity train.

A great adventure when you’re only eight years old.  Watching Mum and Dad take my Mermaid of a sister splashing in the sea, while I made sandcastles on the shore.  And whilst I was into construction, my sister was in the art of Demolition – I didn’t mind.  I just filled up my Bucket and Spade and built it up again…

There were picture postcard cottages with picturesque gardens.  A wonderful setting to enjoy a Devon Cream tea.  Then , a ride on a Mini Locomotive to take you from one place to the next

Donkey rides on Paignton seafront and trips to Brixham Harbour by boat – watching the sealife passing along by before landing on shore for a lovely lunch of fish and chips.  Seagulls from the local harbour looked on, watching out for a dropped chip.  Then we catch a bus back to Paignton to see the Elephants at the local zoo, and watch Sea lions laugh as Dad was getting sprayed by them.

Then as we walk home to the guest house, we watched the sun go behind the cove before me and my little sister headed off to bed.  Later on in the week, a trip on a coach to Dartmouth and its harbour – to see some really BIG Boats.

A walk on the prom awaits us tomorrow – and another cream tea.

But for now its time for bed – and dreams of heffalumps.