Life in Miniature

Miniature Salford, 18th may 2017 Mr Milnes tale , captured perfectly In a moment Notes of colour , delicately transferred onto It's material base As models go, it sings the Tale of the Hundred Acre Wood, in wonderful wonder Uniquely created for a special store, Reds through to Violets bring characters to life Exceptional.



Percolate Born in the Sun Saved from Birds - Red Blue and Yellow The humble little coffee bean is a hardy fellow   Grown in the warmth of a plantation with 50,000,000 brothers and sisters   picked from its parent it travels for miles travelling in bags with no room to smile   asked to... Continue Reading →

Books from Childhood

In response to the prompt Second Time Around My bookshelf is ever evolving, Fiction, Comedy, Drama And a whole host of autobiographies from celebrities far and wide. But alongside these, recently, have come familiar tales from my childhood. Long john Silver shares a space with Paddington Bear and Winnie the Pooh.  The Riverbank tales of... Continue Reading →

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