Out of Focus

Salford 19th June 2017 in response to wordpress photo challenge Focus Here's a Pic of A Greek Chapel, in Crete taken during a recent family holiday. I played around with the depth of field in this shot - concentrating the focus on the chapel and the bench outside. Being a chapel - I couldn't take … Continue reading Out of Focus


Behind the Camera

Salford, 24th May 2016 Regular readers of my blog, will know i've been taking photography classes at the Brain and Spinal injury centre in Salford , Manchester (UK) Over the past few months i've learned a number of techniques - from setting up still life images with a number of objects, to Garden and Landscape … Continue reading Behind the Camera


Half-Light "Everybody dance into the light"....Dance into the light - P.Collins, 1996. A Mug of something magical - normally my mug of hot cocoa from whittards!!! (Photograph : Brian F Kirkham) It's said that a black hole swallows up every last bit of light around it. The same can be said for a Bokeh effect Lens … Continue reading Half-Light