Salford, 3rd February 2018

Detritus floating en-masse down the ship canal

Readily aided by the boats and the water

Is floating aimlessly towards the basin gates

Full stop only happening upon hitting the booms where each stick gangs

Together forming a pretty pattern on the

Waters surface

Overjoyed geese, plunder the booty, piling

One large stick on top of another till a safe place for eggs has been built, whilst

Downstream, a boat with a foriegn name (and crane) is coming to pick up the leftovers




Stood for a moment in time

Totally still – you might call it “Frozen”

As the water flows around them

The the mighty rocks stand still

In the light of the morning sun

Could the passing aviators bring them to life ?  Hardly!


Salford 12th January 2018

Swooping over the old docks

Engaging in interaction with old fish boxes

A feathered veteran hovers over the waters

Gracefully landing on the cast fences below

Usually seen diving for his dinner

Lately enjoying the pickings

Left behind by the tourist taking in the attractions



Maybe it’s the sheer front of this aviator

As he swoops around in the air

Grabbing any shiny thing that catches his eye

Pretty trinkets, held aloft and captured up high

In a hiding place, where only those higher can see it

Evaporated into thin air ? No, your jewellery is up in his nest




Near to the top of the tree

eggs are sitting in their little bed of twigs

safely in a huddle until

the time arises to hatch – with a little help from mum and dad


Bird Bath

San Rafael, Albufeira, Portugal

29th September 2017

Sat around the sculpted edge

Petite feathered friends, preen

And pamper, dipping into and

Rolling about, in the clear blue water

Ripples create shapes as

Out and in they hop about,

Water splashing about on the



Flowers in a hotel garden


#cffc #flowers #nature

Flowers in the nao San Rafael suite, in the algarve

plenty of flowers 💐 in this Portuguese resort, but they are eclipsed by some really tall trees.  Fellow ursinians would appreciate these, though I’ve seen more tropical birds than honeybees.


Sheltering under a Palm Tree