Salford 22nd September An Acrostic in response to the Daily Post.... Crumb Cakes and puddings Resolutely rounded off, their memory occasionally left Under the dining room table - a veritable feast for the domestic Mouse, guinea pig or hamster who help themselves to the Bits of topping ¬†missed by mum or dad Look out , … Continue reading Crumble



Blossom hanging off the arms of the tree a sign of things to come pink and white blooms send a message to all who walk around it cheering as the children play the apples ūüć鬆are coming¬†on their way!

Yummy Fruit!

Satisfaction A response to the Daily post Weekly Photo Challenge   A Tangerine for Elevenses When they are around, when i'm heading for BASIC I always take a Tangerine (or two)with me for the break period during the photography class.¬† I like fruit, but Tangerines more, because of the way they fit in the hand … Continue reading Yummy Fruit!


Blossom I love it when the apple trees are in bloom pink-white blossoms hang around the green they give the tree a certain appeal and look as if they're dancing in a gentle breeze drifting slowly in the air gently floating onto carpets of green creating colourful patterns on the front lawn