Honk 15/11/2017, Salford Wail like a graceful swan dear driver it doesn't matter - everyone around you is looking to others - its like the circus is in town the only things missing are your make up and evaporating sense of humour reacting to traffic was never your strong point - and its showing



#CB&W #Weather When i saw this prompt from cees black and white challenge, I expect you knew the response you see - It's blooming Autumn, they cried! The weather's bound to be bad,  said some we're gearing up for winter Hot climates moved back, said others, towards the equator... Everyone's thinking of heading where its... Continue Reading →


Salford, 15th November 2017 In response to the daily post prompt Territory Turtleshell tom surveys his patch of green even the dogs know to stay off this lawn royal rumbles await any interloper rounding on the garden its all his - and every night he lets you know taking on those who'd want to mark... Continue Reading →


Riff Right about now in music classrooms in high schools up and down the land four piece bands are being formed and fret boards are taking a hammering   Repeated notes in ordered formation fill empty spaces on the musical page forming a foundation to create something magical   Rythum and Blues follow guitar in... Continue Reading →


11th November 2017 As the accord was signed Regiments over the battlefields of europe Made safe their weaponry, as commanding officers Instructed their men to stop shooting So they stayed at their post Till the time was declared by those in charge It's time for the firing to stop , lads - Come back home,... Continue Reading →

Careful Now

Gingerly Got to admit, that first layer of frost on the ground In-stills me with an air of trepidation Not exactly fear, but as you make your way from here to there Going across the icy surfaces Expect a slip or slide or two - especially by the Roadside pavements where Jack frost refuses to... Continue Reading →


Firing high, towards the stars is that pocket rocket, we know as stella rising from her ignition point, she leaves glittery entrails as she works her way through the darkened sky onlookers, smile as she paints the blackness with really bright stars kreativ ?  most definately


Mystery All Hallows eve, Salford 2017 Maybe it was a ghost that paid a visit yesterday - but if that's the case some ghost has a taste for cocoa and cookies taken from my suppertime plate each cookie now resembling a crescent moon reduced levels in the cocoa mug yes its a puzzle - whodunnit... Continue Reading →


Simmer Several chopped carrots danced around In the silver saucepan as they Mingled and merged with Vegetable Stock, Onions and Herbs to Make a most delicious soup, served up that afternoon Exactly what the doctor ordered - Summat Really Tasty for lunchtime

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