Visiting Duxford

Monday 5th June 2017 Venue : Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridge An early morning start at IWM North on Monday, as we met up with fellow volunteers and staff from the other branches at IWM Duxford for Volunteers week. We travelled south through the Midlands on our journey, stopping off on some familiar services on … Continue reading Visiting Duxford


Navy Blue

    Navy ? A Nautical colour Very respected as the colour of the senior service Yachts to Dreadnoughts - are adorned in it   North to South - Compass bearings Are used to navigate Vessels through dangerous waters - Yomping through ice and hiding from the enemy   Naval Company Colours Anchored off the … Continue reading Navy Blue

Little Ol’ Red

Little Old Red is resting, he’s done its best. When the world was at war, and bombs fell to the floor These crafty bombs made fire over concrete and grass so firecrews met round him to work t… Source: Little Ol' Red