<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/risky/">Risky</a> Really you took health and safety and chucked it out, If you thought skidding across the frozen pond was a good idea Swans, geese and gulls watched in amusement, as you kept testing the thinness of the pond ice You’ve been told, but won’t listen....till you go in



Ascend A top of a Small hill can feel like Mt everest to a small child Conquering the challenge of Elevating themselves so far, from North South East and West - they can see all around them Descending might take a bit longer - but first take in the view

Shimmer v2

<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/shimmer/">Shimmer</a> Several drops of sun protection happily playing in the hotel pool In the knowledge they’ll be joined by others soon Moments of the summers appearance Make rainbows appear on the pools surface as Excited little sun oil drops get Round together to play on the water


Leaf Lonely on the bare branch expecting to fall at any moment autumn's arrival - taken its brothers and sisters fallen and gathered on the grass below


Fence For years, a defining line for who owns what each individual tending their side of it never forgetting of course to converse with the neighbours next door everybody keeping their patch of green tidy  


Paragon Perhaps you would call it perfection As you would know - its flawless Reaction to seeing it - amazement Adulation from all - its what the ladies want Going to find it of course - takes time - as explorers go Over land and sea to locate it Never mind the costs their backers … Continue reading Paragon

Air Snaps

Crisp In the cold light of day you could break off the mist and eat it all up   Say that its biting it keeps things fresh not frosty at all   Just cold enough to take the heat off and highten tastebuds