Anticipate Sat in the classroom of Melwood an old team captain is watching the lads kicking a ball around the field he'd once said "you never win anything with kids" but that was before he'd watched them lift up a number of trophies and saw one of his number become a millionaire



Wind force of nature turning tides moving sails of mighty mariners   coming from all directions moving.ears of corn from left to right making musical sounds in the reeds heard by animals in the fields   Force harnessed by the sportsman taking the tide as a challenge riding the wind with colourful silks and cutting … Continue reading Wind

Olympia Landed

Some place, Some where It began on a field of green on a soggy spring day   And as the rain fell muddy puddles splashed as damp feet advanced   The grey soon disappeared as speeds increased and coaches unleashed new hurdles   Soon young minds engaged beating Ra to the punch and clock times … Continue reading Olympia Landed


Sunday 6th August 2017 Salford Via Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester (a tale of a cricket inky) A summers day a Pavilion tea watching the locals its 100 for 3 The bowler holds the ball of cork in his hand Field placement set - his tactics all planned And Batsman on Green waits for … Continue reading Cricket


Puncture A poem by Brian F Kirkham 14/06/2017 Perhaps it was fate intervening Under the lights of the one - on - one run off New champion releases a breath - as old one curses release from a tyre Cut by something sharp on the road Taking the title away from him Until then, the … Continue reading Puncture

Shocking pink

#coloryourworld #cyw #shockingpink luminosity released this colour on the world to highlight a word or two is brilliant carnations and roses in this colour beautiful but was it fair to plaster it across soccer and rugby shirts 👚 up and down the land I prefer to see pink in my strawberry ice cream 🍦 but … Continue reading Shocking pink