Eleven days in the summer sun

Sao Rafael, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal 25th September 2017 It's been a really early morning for me. I've been sat on a Jet 2 Boeing - 737, travelling through the sky blue from Manchester Airport to Portugal's Faro Airport.  A Four o clock start meant i had a few cat naps throughout the journey, spaced out … Continue reading Eleven days in the summer sun



Salford, 29th July 2017 Shallow Some say its easy, splashing your feet along the sea on a Hot summers day, but its important to be Aware of your surroundings Lots of people like to dive into that Long stretch of blue water - Only they know their limitations When they wade into it - don't … Continue reading Shallow


Sunny solar winds beating down umbrellas not required...unless it's for shade north to south, the sands perfect for new sandcastles built by little kids year by year on sunny days


Sinking each of your feet into warm wet sand lets mum and dad know exactly where your little feet are heading Occasionally, two pairs of feet Turn into one pair as a little one ascends into the blue for Piggybacks


Perfume A poem written by inkdrop for the daily post : Perfume Salford (via Heraklion) , 10th May 2017 Perhaps it was her eyes that first attracted me Everyone stopped - freeze frame as we met Reaction to that wonderful smile - unabashed, but From that day on, she seemed to be everywhere Unusually, i … Continue reading Perfume