Ascend A top of a Small hill can feel like Mt everest to a small child Conquering the challenge of Elevating themselves so far, from North South East and West - they can see all around them Descending might take a bit longer - but first take in the view


Winters creep

Summers days seem to be shortening, As the light gets darker in the sky Up in the clouds, winter is playing Seeding them with creations All designed by himself, and delivered by the Great winds, of east and west Expect a drop in the mercury and Something tasty to keep you warm


An acrostic, by Inky in response to the daily post prompt Fraud   For years, you've been running this scam Reality is - the car isn't even yours , and soon the Airport authorities will be wise to your slight of hand Unless you can find enough people - to cover your losses Destination for … Continue reading Fraud


Tame Cousin to the king of the beasts anybody would think that it would be madness to take it on   Collectively though - the wildness ails away, when the beast needs feeding the prince of the jungle becomes felis domestica   Coming out of the forest and scouting the garden a happy little kitty … Continue reading Tame

Bird Bath

San Rafael, Albufeira, Portugal 29th September 2017   Sat around the sculpted edge Petite feathered friends, preen And pamper, dipping into and Rolling about, in the clear blue water Ripples create shapes as Out and in they hop about, Water splashing about on the Surface.