Great Manchester Run

Old Trafford, Manchester , 20th May 2018

Stood on the corner

at a moments attention

looking on as the club i volunteer with

engaged in a mighty test of endurance in the northwest sun


Heat making everyone sweat

as feet hit the tarmac of Manchesters roads

rooting them on, the hardy bunch of volunteers

ready to applaud and guide them toward their rewards

it might not be cash – but that medals more than gold

even taking in its colour – as every year the

roads of Manchester take a pounding




the triangle a simple one

heat air and fuel

started by a little spark

amongst the smallest of shavings


Little flame eating

everything around it

kept at bay

by logs and bricks


Starting off slowly

the flames begin to grow

dining on everything near it

apart from the Billy can above


bread on a green stick

changes with the dancing flames

from dough to delight in seconds

with help from the makeshift grill


smells of the barbecue

rise in the air

as backwoods sausages

add fuel to the flames


light and warmth

dancing slowly in the moonlight

till all that are left

are the glowing impish coals


staff of life

the end of life

for the fire that maintained life

Round the campfire circle



Place in the world


Place in the World

Just off the Trafford Road, in Salford

to the south , the quayside and old trafford – home of Manchester Utd

to the north , the road to Manchester and the known world

Many know it for the rugby team – and the nearby football teams

Others might know it for the new home of BBC and ITV in the North – Mediacity:UK

Its Got a University, and a great College and some fab schools

And the Millennium centre of the Arts – named after the man who painted it all

Plenty of Green Space, Parks and Gardens a Golf course or two and campsite

I just call it home!