Behind the cover of double glazing

Lies two feet in soft slippers – their owner

Immersing something to

Satisfy the tastebuds into their favourite

Sumptious , heavenly, cocoa




the bag from school

hanging off the chair

contents on the kitchen table


containers by cabinets

awaiting.imminent arrival

of tea coffee and sugar


cardboard box

emptied at breakfast

now devoid. of contents


house vacated

by owners till later

no presence till afternoon

Mr frosts return

Salford, 11th December

They said the mercury was rising today

Well, someone didn’t inform Jack Frost and his winter imps

For as I write, sat perched in a chair by a radiator

They appear to have left pretty patterns

All over peoples car windows and roofs

Seems like he’s skipped across the skies too,

As there’s a definite blue streak across Salford skylines



She had a presence

as she entered the room

everyone stopped

and watched for a minute

as she descended the stairs

Flowing satin covered carpet and stairs

and the attendants found the lady a chair

as she enjoyed an evening tea

with those in high society

The young princes wanted their chance

with the elegant lass – and romance

as she danced with the man of her dreams

under spotlights – she and him were a team

And nobody knew –

that the young lady

chatting to Lords and ladies

would be their humble servant by morning

at the roadside services