Bird Bath

San Rafael, Albufeira, Portugal 29th September 2017   Sat around the sculpted edge Petite feathered friends, preen And pamper, dipping into and Rolling about, in the clear blue water Ripples create shapes as Out and in they hop about, Water splashing about on the Surface.    


Flowers in a hotel garden

#cffc #flowers #nature FLowers in the nao San Rafael suite, in the algarve plenty of flowers 💐 in this Portuguese resort, but they are eclipsed by some really tall trees.  Fellow ursinians would appreciate these, though I’ve seen more tropical birds than honeybees.


Mighty The humble little acorn didn't do much for a while on the floor of the garden Crestfallen apples mocked him for days among the fallen leaves Kids picked up the conkers for games in the yard Acorn left behind But then - one day - little seed did toil and started to grow in … Continue reading Mighty

Back of a Leaf

 #C&BW A Simple leaf , on the tarmac and gravel of the car park of #BASIC, the brain and spinal injury centre in Salford. Fallen by the wind, or the passing of time with the coming of autumn, this humble leaf gave me another chance to create something special. Been messing around with the monochrome … Continue reading Back of a Leaf


Elemental Salford 17th September 2017 They cut through the Earth, to create this canal. Development led to a series of Basins being dug, which filled with water coming from, not only the canal, but the skies too.   Originally , the Wind carried ships down the canal - using their sails, but nowadays these boats … Continue reading Elemental

Structure III

Structure Old decayed leaf melts into the moss on the car park tarmac as it disappears into memory but look at its veins and bones as it fades into the mud and you'll see a remembrance of the mighty tree it once was part of.