Believe Belief - you're not born with it emerges from what you are told from your teachers like mum and dad, grandmas and granddads it's then down to you to weigh up each little bit you've been told verify and question, and finally engage - before it grows



Interest In the great scheme of things, new or old alike take great attention to something that engages them - and fills the time that they call "Free" Reading good books, or taking part in sport - equal in weight to somebody who decides to undertake the activity


Peculiar A reflection.   Sat a cafe bar on a greek island, enjoying fish and chips taking in the breeze off the azure blue sea and observing the comings and goings of the day - when reactions are heightened by two feathered locals kept company down the marble path by their owner   ! i'd … Continue reading Peculiar


Overcome September 2017 A reflection of recovery from a spell in a hospital neurology ward   Call it a hill, you don't want to climb you just have to.   that hillface is sharp and craggy and good heavens - is it steep but there's no escaping it   those pesky birds with their sharpened … Continue reading Overcome

Outer Layers

Outer Layers Salford 19th August 2017 They say clothes make the man / woman well, whoever wrote that obviously lives somewhere nearer to the equator than i do. They've also never experienced the phenomenon that is Horizontal Rain. If its sunbathing weather - then obviously i'll be in shirt sleeves and a pair of shorts … Continue reading Outer Layers


Recite Inky, enters the TARDIS again....and lands in Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC High...third year english..and the origins of his poetry I recall old wooden benches - the ones with (ironically) the old inkwell's set into the base. Mountains of Books handed down from pupil to pupil and placed strategically on what i'd now … Continue reading Recite