Interest In the great scheme of things, new or old alike take great attention to something that engages them - and fills the time that they call "Free" Reading good books, or taking part in sport - equal in weight to somebody who decides to undertake the activity


On the corner

Salford, 6th September Corner "No man is an island" - or so they say. Living in Salford, Nr Manchester there's loads of housing, which makes it a vibrant and lively community.  There are Squares, in the sense of traditional gardens with houses around it,  but you're more likely to lead into a path onto a … Continue reading On the corner


Salford, 29th July 2017 Shallow Some say its easy, splashing your feet along the sea on a Hot summers day, but its important to be Aware of your surroundings Lots of people like to dive into that Long stretch of blue water - Only they know their limitations When they wade into it - don't … Continue reading Shallow

Mountain Meadow

#coloryourworld #cyw #mountainmeadow Salford, 22nd February 2017   Lakeland, painting from photo by B.F.Kirkham Mountain Meadow, this colour takes me back to a particular time in my life when my old boots would come off the stack in the hallway and i'd journey with mates up and down the motorway go north - and meet up … Continue reading Mountain Meadow