IWM Duxford , Cambridge, 5/6/2017


For a brief moment today,

looking around the hangar in Cambridge

I got to see the marvels of flight first hand

Great planes – from early pioneers to new planes and even spaceflight

Hoped to see something special – and I wasn’t disappointed

Tomorrow – i’ll take a look at what I captured



Purple Mountains


#coloryourworld #cyw #purplemountainsmajesty

Derwentwater, Keswick,  Lake district, UK

There’s something almost magical

about the Lake water here at sunset

I don’t know myself – what it might be

but as the sun pops down behind trees

the hills and the water take on a purple like hue

bring out colours of heathers that’s grew

up on the hillsides where the flocks of herdwick sheep

are resting till morning, quite sound asleep

Mountain Meadow

#coloryourworld #cyw #mountainmeadow

Salford, 22nd February 2017


Lakeland, painting from photo by B.F.Kirkham

Mountain Meadow,

this colour takes me back to a particular time in my life

when my old boots would come off the stack in the hallway

and i’d journey with mates up and down the motorway

go north – and meet up with the cows of the lakes

rendezvous-ing with cows (mooing)

go south – and meet up with the sheep of the peaks

and reservoir regulars with bright coloured beaks

enjoying whatever the wind and the clouds threw at us

but mostly enjoying a sunny day.


A Tale of Old Boots

Good companion




What happen’s when the leader of BASICs Photography Class is unfortunately unavailable…

The Class go Freestyling




Ingredients for the shoot : Dark Cloth, Glass Beads, Fairy Lights, Mirrors, Glycerin water and Containers….


Graham and Vanessa set up the shots, whilst Martyn and me helped with the lighting..



With the lights off and the Zoom Lens on the lights created some wonderful effects


Constellation – Spot the Alien!




Fireflies – Released




Dark and Light Emeralds








The Journey


A tale of a car journey – i’ll leave it for the reader to decide where it is 🙂

Where are we going ?

Off in the car

North to a place that isn’t that far

Directing roads to a place by the sea

Eating a plate of Fish and chips for tea

Round to a place of wonderful sand and

Seas that salty and Seafood that’s grand


Winkles and Cockles sold down by the pier

Odd shaped shells you can hear sea from ear

Nautical boats with nets out for the catch

Drifting towards crabs – now they’ve met their match

Enjoying candy floss – whilst sat in deckchair

Relaxing in company – of family there, whilst

Seabirds catch visitors to the pier unawares

Manchester @ Midnight

Tram rolling into the New Bridge House

Spots the sun heading off to pastures new

The new moon sits proudly in the Northern Night sky

Reflecting its image in the Mirrored Glass


Glitterballs twinkle in the coloured light of a hall

as students grab the last of the week – they’re having a ball.

Maidens and their knights make their way into the night

as LED Lanterns guide them by light


And as Emergency Sirens can be heard across town

Cleaning Crew vehicles, scour the ground

Picking up Wrappers from open food bars

as party goers make their way home by the stars


The Final bus – its made its way

There’s no more time – you’ve enjoyed the day

but there’s one more coffee – from the late night caff

as you talk with your mates and enjoy a laugh.