Recite Inky, enters the TARDIS again....and lands in Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC High...third year english..and the origins of his poetry I recall old wooden benches - the ones with (ironically) the old inkwell's set into the base. Mountains of Books handed down from pupil to pupil and placed strategically on what i'd now … Continue reading Recite


The loaf

A San-San for the Daily post prompt Grainy Born from the bakers creative mind A Combination of skill, talent, water seed King at breakfast time Every body by the toaster will find Round soft boiled eggs, to fill the need If cereal's a missing - and there's no jam Eaten before the school bell chime … Continue reading The loaf

Building Blocks

Construct     It begins simply enough, a simple bucket of bricks stacked up from top to bottom till at last - they topple oh what fun!   The next thing you know you're building a wall with stuff from the sea and occasionally it falls oh what fun        


Grit by brian f kirkham   Great determination to succeed Ready to take on a challenge - that's what I see In the kids of the streets in my home town Today


Relieved The message responded to, the seed of panic begins to grow old faces from the past you haven't seen for years   Contact - thin on the ground Telephone - no obvious sound haven't seen many of them around feeling like a lost and found   As day grows near - you wander more … Continue reading Relief!