Curve A couple of pears I enjoy the way they fit in the hand A marvellous shape Defined by its curves



Blossom hanging off the arms of the tree a sign of things to come pink and white blooms send a message to all who walk around it cheering as the children play the apples 🍎 are coming on their way!


Textures Rough, Sandy - Definitely Wooden Fixed to a brick wall by solid metallic pins and cold steel fixings Cold, Hard, Shiny, Metallic Stringy, Rough, Fibrous Hard to the touch , best eaten when ripe Woody stalks Soft Mush when put under heat    

Yummy Fruit!

Satisfaction A response to the Daily post Weekly Photo Challenge   A Tangerine for Elevenses When they are around, when i'm heading for BASIC I always take a Tangerine (or two)with me for the break period during the photography class.  I like fruit, but Tangerines more, because of the way they fit in the hand … Continue reading Yummy Fruit!

Fruit salad

Savor The Oranges sliced, sing on the plate... they've been quite lonely as of late all alone in their bowl of blue looking quite bright - but with nothing to do Now with apples, diced they share bowls that cooks of note prepare with other fruit from orchards near and strawberries grown in the fields … Continue reading Fruit salad