imageFriday 15th December 2017


Adventure can be

seen anywhere in the house by little

children, as they

elevate themselves one foot at a time to

nightime stories and

delightful dreams under the watch of their teddy bears





Salford 2nd December 2017

The first days of advent always bring an air of magic.

I think it might be the sight of the Christmas tree

bright shiny metallic tinsel draped around the dark green fronds

Deep Reds, Dark Greens, Frosty Whites and Blues

Not forgetting the silver and golds

but even the advent colours of purple and pink look nice in a metallic sheen

who can forget the lights reflecting in the coloured glass baubles ?

and at the top of the tree, a Star or an Angel dancing over the fairy-lit tree


Snack time


lunch was two hours ago

and dinner is hours away

the hunger pangs are out of the cage

And they’ve begun to play

So over to the brown bread you go

And forage for a filling or two

When the jars of peanut butter and jam

Located above tonight’s spiced ham

Decide to greet you hello

Just the thing till dad makes tea

And summmat that you’ll eat with glee

Out in the garden without delay

Before running around the garden to play

Rescued from the reject bin

Salford, 17th November 2017




A little dusty here or there

his coat could do with a mend

stuffing coming from a paw

this old bear needs a friend


See all the animals are off to the shops

apart from those that look like they’ve been dropped

now little bear, he wouldnt really mind

if the factory would be a little bit kind


A button for his jacket

and some thread for his paw

and a chance to be hugged

nothing less, nothing more


But just as factory is being shut down

a little lad is being shown round

over by bin – he sees the bear’s frown

and little bears luck is turned around


For in days to come, what fun there will be!

With new tops and buttons – and teddy bears teas…

He may be imperfect – said the boy as he roamed

but he’s my favorite bear – as they head off for home!





A scene from Playaway, a programme i watched when i was younger

The setting : A Railway Station News Kiosk

(Enter a pinstriped-suit gentleman with briefcase)

Gentleman : Mirror, Please

(Lady behind the counter hands him an actual mirror)

Gentleman : No, Madam….Do you have a Sun

Lady : He’s at school!

Gentleman : Mail ?

Lady : Of course he his !

Gentleman : No Madam, you misunderstand, Do you have a Mail?!

Lady : Well, there’s me husband….

Gentleman : Guardian?

Lady : The Guard’s over there….

Gentleman : Do you have the times

Lady : They’re up there by the clock – but you can’t abide by them

Gentleman : Express ?

LadyWe’re waiting for it….

Gentleman : (Annoyed) Do you sell any papers at all?

Lady : Oh yes, Mirror, Mail, Guardian, Times, Express, which one would you like ?

Gentleman : Express ?

Lady : we’re waiting for it…

Gentleman: I just want a paper – i’ll take any

Lady : Sorry sir they’re being delivered on the express!!!

Gentleman : BAH!

Lady : we do have the late extra….

Gentleman : I’ll take that, this papers a bit old – this is from two weeks ago…

Lady : I told you it was late – that’ll be a pound please

Gentleman : Hold on a sec – it says 50p

Lady : I told you it was Extra!!!!