Ascend A top of a Small hill can feel like Mt everest to a small child Conquering the challenge of Elevating themselves so far, from North South East and West - they can see all around them Descending might take a bit longer - but first take in the view



Unfurl 17th August 2017 Middlewood scout camp, Worsley, Salford     Maybe it was in the act of "doing our duty" that the dedication of raising and lowering the union flag each day at camp, reminded those little or big, to "do their best" even in the smallest of acts - from washing the pots … Continue reading Unfurl

Building Blocks

Construct     It begins simply enough, a simple bucket of bricks stacked up from top to bottom till at last - they topple oh what fun!   The next thing you know you're building a wall with stuff from the sea and occasionally it falls oh what fun        


Grit by brian f kirkham   Great determination to succeed Ready to take on a challenge - that's what I see In the kids of the streets in my home town Today


Bottle Behind every cordial known to kids On the Supermarket shelf The humble glass bottle - A marvel of invention Take it off the shelf - consume the fruity contents - and return as soon as possible Lots of kids lined up outside the newsagents Expecting a shiny silver coin for "Takin' the bockles back"