Stained Glass Window

Salford 18th September Poem borrowed from my page at A tale a bit crafty, a bit religious, but all by me Artwork created at Craft Sessions at Brain & Spinal Injury Charity in Salford.     As the Sun comes up, its light shines through the panels of coloured glass angling the now coloured … Continue reading Stained Glass Window



Glaring   Funny thing is this fame game, you confidently cross the wooden stage prepared for the task in front of you only to be hit by that beam of light casting a huge shadow at you   Its like the light is a giant magnet wiping clean the act nothing left to do but … Continue reading Glaring


Create Creativity brings a blank card to life Reds Greens Yellows and Blues combine, hiding in an Envelope with A happy Message To a little girl or boy (or their mum and dad) Everybody likes recieving something made especially for them

Blank Canvas

#coloryourworld #cyw #white   I writer stares into white fluffy clouds ideas form paper awaits   II   blank canvas sits idle blue skies await application of cerulean on white   III   Work complete ten thousand notes await transfer of ink to paper creating a tune