Visiting Duxford

Monday 5th June 2017 Venue : Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridge An early morning start at IWM North on Monday, as we met up with fellow volunteers and staff from the other branches at IWM Duxford for Volunteers week. We travelled south through the Midlands on our journey, stopping off on some familiar services on … Continue reading Visiting Duxford


Antique brass

#coloryourworld #antique-brass #cyw At times you could mistake it for gold with it's off yellow patina Decorating houses 🏡 with things from time gone by But it's much more valuable than that To each wooden door 🚪 its castings and shapes Bring a smile to those who are greeted by it As younger successors buckle … Continue reading Antique brass

Tale of a Balloon

  Weight(less) This is a picture of a Barrage Balloon, It was used (alongside many others) to provide cover against enemy bombing attacks on Britain during world war II. Despite its size and volume these balloons were terribly lightweight and required teams of operators to anchor them and keep them in position. They were used in … Continue reading Tale of a Balloon


Hey! over Here!  Yeah, Man - It's ME! Hiding away, in plain sight, in the sea. A product of Her Majesty's Royal Na-vee... But one you can't spot - I'm sure you'll agree   Hidden, I'll protect you by day or by night with my dazzling colours to avoid a fight coloured like sea and … Continue reading Dazzle