Long Ago, in a time before technology

Explorers told tales to their homelands of their adventures

Greatness was bestowed on the tellers and heroes of these tales and as time

Expanded, the tales were bound in leather and sold to others

Never to be forgotten – even if truth was stretched here or there

Deniability ? – Plausible , but a great tale to sell to visitors


The master thief



Sitting halfway up a tree

Quietly observing his target

Unaware they’re being watched

In an Instant he’s jumping, and flying

Rolling about on the picnic blanket and

Ravishing the goodies laid out before him

Escaping back the way he came – and raising a smile

Loathe him ? some might, but he is a cheeky chappie.



Snook on the edge of your regular

Newspaper, a story which really hasn’t broken yet

It’s a small story, to grab your attention and

Perhaps there will be a bit more news on it tomorrow after

People start talking about it

Enthusing them enough to see where

The story leads – from page 15 to Page 1



Knights of the realm could be toppled by this – but

Not my mum, or my aunties or Nanna

Its where i learned some very basic steps

To create a scarf for my teddy bear.

To be honest, the twists and turns of loops and purls were

Extremely difficult, but by the end of the month – i’d

Done one that was just the thing for a bear in the cold